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    “I love this packing list! It’s a great list to start with, and there is plenty of space to add my own items that I don’t want to forget. I love that it even has a list for people to shop for, and the tips on avoiding pick-pocketing really helped.”

    Becky Bergman

    Mooresville, NC

    What's It For?

    This is a great starter packing list based on packing a capsule wardrobe that will fit into a carryon + a backpack or purse. It's a list that is meant for lighter travel.

    What You'll Get

    The first thing you'll get are two packing lists. One for men and one for women. After that, you'll get:

    • A list of 4 things you should consider buying abroad instead of taking with you.
    • 7 tips to avoid getting pick-pocketed
    • Printable page for things you need to bring.
    • Printable page for things you need to do.
    • Printable page for people to shop for.